The AACI convener


A diligent and conscientious individual with a “can do” spirit. A God-fearing leader and team player possessing excellent skills, attributes, and mindset to sail uncharted waters with a focus on setting goals.

Relying heavily on his creativity and out-of-the-box approach to problem-solving, he aims to be a major figure in experiential. He prefers to be referred to as Mr. Creativity. Popularly called Tony Biyi or Mr Greenlyte/Mr. Green.

A graduate of the University of Port Harcourt, Theatre Arts, University of Phoenix (Arizona- USA), Bachelor of Arts, a scholarship Student of St Thomas University, Honor member of the University of Phoenix’s chapter of The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS). Honorary Doctorate Award (PhD from the IRGIB-Africa UNIVERSITY OF EXCELLENCE.

Certified member of the International Institute of Marketing and Communication, Diploma in English Education at Obafemi Awolowo University, Mushin study centre, Lagos, Certificate of Membership in Screen Media Ambassadorship awards from Az2B Theatre Cornwall UK / Theatre Arts and Motion Picture Practitioners Association of Nigeria (Shomolu/Bariga), along with other certified courses in Dance and drama.

He also receives the Awards of Outstanding Personality Award of Honour & best philanthropy of the year from Prestige media awards. Two times best festival director of the year award.

He is a Director, Dancer, Dance teacher, Drummer, Acrobat, Producer, Festival consultant, Dance judge writer, Choreographer and also a choirmaster who has performed with the Nigeria choir, Laz Ekwueme Chorale, C chorale de Mannifiq, Life Art Nigerian Labor Congress Choir, Harmony Voices Angel Voices, mentioning a few



Oluwabiyi Anthony Boyede has this on his wall:

A two times award winner of Creativity – South Africa, member of the Young General Assembly (TakingITGlobal), US. a one-time Publicity Secretary to the Guild of Nigerian Dancers, Lagos (GOND), Member of the National Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioner (NANTAP) a member of the International Dance Council, (CID) former Exco- National level of Dance Guild of Nigeria (GOND), Member of the American Alliance for Theatre Educators, US. Member of the Performing Musicians Employers Association of Nigeria (PMAN), member Society of Nigerian Artists, etc

His Company Theatre Centrik has won many awards:

1st runner up for SouthWest cultural Dance Competition                          2007

Best indigenous theatre company                                                                    2008

Best dance presentation Osun Osogbo Festival                                           2009

Outstanding theatre service provider (website)                                            2010

Guild of Nigeria Dancers Award (Dance Group of the Millennium) 2007-2009

Best festival play of the year                                                                                 2011

Bariga artistes dance group award                                                                    2018

Ghana? Nigeria cultural dance battle 2017 2nd place winner                    2017

Lagos state theatre festival (British council ) certificate of participation 2018

Nigeria liquid Gas Art Festival – outstanding certificate                                2017

Osun Osogbo’s best guest artist’s performance of the year              2015- 2018

Theatre Centrik got the best costume dance group in South Africa in 2009 and 4th place in a group dance competition in Ghana in 2008 with a Royal Staff for excellent performance from the Oba Of Eyan Benin.

He choreographed and coordinated the annual “Teenage Festival of Life” along with other schools, Festival against Crime, Theatre to the Street project in Port Harcourt etc

Tony by Greenlyte, has worked as a dance instructor in almost all the Nigerian International Schools In Lagos and other Private and Public Schools with his creative teams.

Tony Biyi has worked with able directors, producers, promoters, events managers and choreographers around the world like Tabi Thompson, Yemi Remi, Isaac John Asanya, Martins Adaji, Williams Ekpo, Kayode Idris, Lekan Balogun, Megan Muouli (Senegal), Omodeyi Oladapo, Ike Esaka, Adebola Olowe (US) to mention just a few.

Oluwabiyi Anthony Boyede has developed over 10,000 young minds since the establishment of Theatre Centrik Ent. 22 years ago. Via Church, Mosque, Schools, Temples, Organizations etc.

Oluwabiyi Anthony Boyede presently controls a team of 103 young and creative individuals, whose love for art has made them dynamic in all they do. The Theatre Centrik Green team has just one goal; Promoting African Arts and Cultures.

He is the Artistic Custodian of Theatre Centrik, Manager, Head Choreographer and Director of Theatre Centrik NIg.Ent, Theatre Centrik Green Productions, Kiddies Kraft & SHODEX Green Theatre.

Oluwabiyi Anthony Boyede Greenlyte founded an empowerment program named - Oluwabiyi Anthony Boyede OLAB Greenlyte Awards with projects to empower and develop children around various communities in Lagos.




Bariga Artistes Fashion Academy (BAFA)
Oluwabiyi Anthony Boyede Greenlyte Awards BAFA Is A Bariga Artistes Community Scheme Initiated By The Bariga Artistes Forum BAF Powered And Sponsored By Theater Centrik As Led By Oluwabiyi Anthony Boyede Greenlyte As An Extended Hand Of Support To Members Of Art Companies In The Forum. Facilitation Of Free Training In Fashion Designing For Members Of The Forum Powered And Sponsored By Theater Centrik.

Helping The Members Of The Forum To Make Ample Use Of The” Sit At Home” (During The COVID-19 Lockdown) Period To Do Something Productive, To Channel Their Energy Positively To Discourage Trending Vices Like Rape, Internet Fraud Etc. Each Candidate Was Given A T-Shirt And The Necessary Tools For The Training That Is Set To Last For 6 Months. This Initiative Is To Help The BAF Community To Raise Leaders And CEO By Empowering Them With Skills That Won’t Only Keep Them Busy But Add Value To Them And The Community.

Oluwabiyi Anthony Boyede (OLAB) Greenlyte Awards
OLAB Greenlyte Awards Was Birthed By BAFA And It Remained Consistent In Its Quest To Support And Empower People In The Community. Some Of Its Previous And Recent Schemes Are: Ajegunle Art Festival Award To Encourage Dedication And Steadfastness In The Field Of Art And An Encouragement To Follow One’s Dream And Passion.

A Poetry Prize For Children Between The Age Of 8 – 14, An Aesthetic Value Of Poetry Reading And Recitation In Children.

Olab Greenlyte Hand Work Empowerment
This Is A Scheme To Empower Youths And Teens In Hand Work To Complement Their Formal Education.


SHOBAK (Somolu Bariga Creative Kids)
MUSKID (Mushin Kreative Kids) With A Development Festival Named BACAF – Bariga Children Art Festival And SOCAF – Somolu Children Art Festival. All Of This Is To Promote Children’s Mental Health Development And Enhance Their Cultural Awareness.

Oluwabiyi Anthony Boyede Greenlee Also Owns A House (Colour Green) For Inter-House Sport At CMS Pry School Compound Named: Boyede Green House

Oluwabiyi Anthony Boyede Greenlyte also has a space in a mini-flat for some of the
creative members in case they need some sort of accommodation assistance.
Obani Oluwabiyi Anthony Boyede Greenlye is the mastermind of one of the biggest festivals in Lagos tagged: Alimosho KultureFest by Alimosho Arts Community Initiative.
Oluwabiyi Anthony Boyede Greenlyte is a God-fearing man who loves children and is always ready to help and listen.the Olugbon Asa of Ikere Ekiti, Ekiti State.
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Contact Phone: +234 904 142 7308, +1-513-223-9290
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